Finding the right charity

To some this might seem quite simple – support an association, charity, cause, or organization for years and want to get more involved – but for others it can be a struggle with supporting various causes and not wanting to just dedicate to one. Really, what it comes down to is what you believe is the right one, or more, to choose and find out if they have a fundraising arm for runners, cyclists, or hikers… whatever it is you enjoy doing to sustain a healthy lifestyle and how it can contribute to helping others.

For me it was pretty simple, my parents are type 2 diabetics, I had a few friends and colleagues who were either type 1 or 2 diabetics, and I knew that I may eventually be a type 2 diabetic due to genetics, and therefore I chose the Canadian Diabetic Association’s Team Diabetes. I researched what was involved in participating and fundraising through their events, looked in to any friends or family who have any knowledge on their events (luckily, knew a runner through my running group who had participated in local marathons representing them), and made the commitment to be a part of Team Diabetes.

Here are some of the things I asked myself before committing:

  • Do I feel passionately about the cause, association, organization, charity enough that I’m willing to push my body physically and become an ambassador?
  • If I’m willing to become an ambassador for the whatever I’ve signed up for will my family, friends, colleagues get bored of me constantly speaking about it or looking to them for fundraising?
  • Am I committed to raising thousands of dollars? (This can be harder than it sounds or looks… I’ll talk about this in another post.)
  • What time commitment will this be? You really don’t understand this until you need to run a fundraising event… I’ll talk about this in another post.
  • Am I doing this for me, my family and friends, or the cause? If you answer “all,” I think you’re on the right path.

One thought on “Finding the right charity

  1. It’s great that you run for (or, I guess, against?) diabetes. Since a healthy lifestyle helps with Type 2 diabetes, you’re doing good for others as well as yourself. Good for you!

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