Hi, I’m Victor Chard: family man, running enthusiast, baseball addict, and digital specialist.

Preparing for the half-marathon in Iceland, August 2010.
Preparing for the half-marathon in Iceland, August 2010.

I’ve been an avid runner since I was 22-years-old, before then it was simply team sports such as baseball, rugby, and basketball where I would be running consistently. Truthfully, I hated running long distances and would find every possibly excuse to not have to run the mandatory practice runs on the teams I played for.

So, what changed my attitude? Really, it all came down to tearing up my shoulder while playing baseball. I officially had to stop playing baseball when I was 20-years-old because the pain in my shoulder was unbearable (I’d later find out that I tore the rotator cuff and broke the shoulder capsule) but knew that if I stopped playing team sports of any kind I’d get lazy and gain unnecessary weight… so, I gravitated to running.

At first, I would breakdown after one kilometre, but knew I had to get past my laziness and push through. Through proper training and the help of Running Room clinics and friends I was able to run 5 Kms, 10 Kms, half-marathons, and a full marathon. Over the years I’ve ran in over 25 organized half-marathons and one full marathon, and despite the lunacy and injuries that come with the training, I loved every minute of it.

I’m not an elite runner, in no way will I ever crack a top-ten finish, but I do love the euphoria that comes with a “runners high” and crossing a finish line knowing all the training paid off.


The opinions, ideas, and advice expressed within this website and postings are mine and mine alone. I make every effort to be accurate, provide advice based on my own experience, and source any external or third-party quotes accordingly.


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